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About The Goldsborough Company

A Design-Build Contractor sm Henry Moseley Ybor Historic Blonde Brick Design Build Contractor


  • Custom Home Design

  • Kitchen & Bath Remodels

  • Additions & Renovations

  • Finished Backyard Buildings

  • Commercial Office Buildings

  • Historic Preservation

  • Efficiency Upgrades 

Goldsborough Construction Company is a design-build firm with 25 years of experience building in Tampa Bay communities. We are experts at tackling unique zoning and siting challenges associated with the various municipalities in the Tampa Bay region. Henry Moseley is the founder of Goldsborough Company.





Our unique designs have always paid particular attention to the established trends within the neighborhoods in which we build. Our attention to the details is what makes our homes look period correct and blend seamlessly into the neighborhood.



Our commitment to craftsmanship is evident in each of our homes and renovations. 25 years in the industry has produced relationships with the finest tradesman in Central Florida. Their pride, dedication and commitment to excellence is self evident in their workmanship time and time again.



Florida is a harsh environment! It is imperative that each project is designed and built to withstand the rigors of Florida's wind, rain and high humidity. Goldsborough Company and its staff guarantees the best materials and time tested methods of construction.


About Henry Moseley

Henry is a State Certified Building and Solar Contractor with over 25 years of residential and commercial construction experience. Henry has a diverse background in buildings with a special expertise in period-correct residential construction, efficiency retrofits, and historical preservation. Henry serves on the Building Board of Adjustments, Appeals and Examiners for Tampa/Hillsborough County appointed by Tampa‚Äôs Mayor.


South Tampa Roots 

Henry lives and works in South Tampa. Dozens of the custom bungalow and Spanish-style homes near Ballest Point, Bayshore and along Interbay were designed and built by Goldsborough Company.


Historic Rehab Specialist

During the widening of Interstate 4, the Florida Department of Transportation hired Goldsborough company to rehabilitate 13 historical Ybor City structures that were relocated and preserved in accordance with Department of Interior standards.


Efficiency Expert

A Class 1 Florida Certified Energy Rater, Henry holds a Building Analyst and Envelope specialist designation from the Building Performance Institute and provides third-party energy audits and post work verifications. SunBiz Energy Solutions will look at a project from all angles considering both construction issues and energy needs with a more holistic approach to solving problems. Henry's passion for energy efficiency and renewable energy make him uniquely qualified to tackle the energy challenges presented by older buildings.


Melrose Mansion Natchez Historical Park.jpgFamily History 

The Goldsborough Company name derives from Henry's middle name. Henry was named after his ancestor, Henry Hollyday Goldsborough, who was the President of the Maryland Senate in 1861. The Goldsborough family legacy goes back even further. Henry is the decedent of Mary Louise Turner, who's husband, John T. McMurran, built the famous Melrose Mansion in 1847, a National Historic landmark in Mississippi.



Henry has been building since he was a teenager, working on swimming pools over the summer in high school. When Henry was a child, his grandmother acquired an old Revolutionary American country store, and his father his father renovated that building along with some other historical homes in Vermont. Henry remembers from the time he was old enough to push a wheel barrel, helping his father renovate those homes. The passion for building stuck with him throughout his career.  

After graduating from University of Texas, Henry became a construction superintendent for General Homes, one of the large multi-national home builders, building tract houses in subdivisions. Henry left General Homes Corporation to work for a contractor building custom homes on scattered lots all over the state, including Pasco, Polk, Pinellas, and even Key West. Next, Henry worked for Webb Planned Communities, building high-end custom homes in Clearwater and Pinellas. Webb allowed Henry to branch out into Hillsborough county, and within six months, Henry started his first solo project in Tampa. Henry got his contractor's license in 1986 and has been building luxury custom homes ever since.  


"When we build something, we want it to last forever." 


The Goldsborough Company

Goldsborough Company specializes in Custom Homes, Commercial Construction, Additions, Renovations, Kitchens and Baths, Historic Preservation, Rainwater Harvesting, and Energy and Water Conservation.

Serving the Greater Tampa Bay region, including South Tampa, St. Petersburg beaches, and Central Florida.

Call us at (813) 837-4219 for a free estimate!

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