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Custom Homes

Are you planning to build a custom home?

Do you want a home that is designed and built to your exact specification? 

Goldsborough Company has over 25 years of experience designing and building custom homes in South Tampa, the Bayshore Area, and throughout the greater Tampa Bay region. 


  • Design-build firm 

  • On your lot construction 

  • Beautiful residential interiors

  • Exterior landscaping & outdoor living  


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Mind for Design 

We get the creative process right so that your home has a natural flow.  

Goldsborough Company specializes in designing and building custom homes in Florida. We focus on getting the creative process right. Through our creative problem solving skills, we can position your floor plan to create a natural flow for your home. It takes time and attention to detail to get make sure a home fits uniquely on your site. That's our specialty.


Natural Fit 

Our period-correct homes blend seamlessly into the neighborhood.

Our designs have always paid particular attention to the established trends within the neighborhood. Our attention to details makes our homes look period correct. When we build a home, we incorporate unique characteristics to make your custom home look and feel like it belongs. 

We are able to match classic, contemporary, or traditional architecture, while still providing the luxury of modern technology. The beauty of the modern floor plan is that in can coexist with architectural features that have style and grace.


South Tampa Custom Homes 

Bungalow, Mediterranean, Colonial and more... 

We have a history of living and working in South Tampa, and we take great pride in our ability to preserve, and contribute to our beautiful community through our period-correct homes and office buildlings. South Tampa Neighborhoods have a unique culture with several notable designs. 

  • Bungalow style homes
  • Mediterranean style homes 
  • Colonial style homes 




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The Goldsborough Company

Goldsborough Company specializes in Custom Homes, Commercial Construction, Additions, Renovations, Kitchens and Baths, Historic Preservation, Rainwater Harvesting, and Energy and Water Conservation.

Serving the Greater Tampa Bay region, including South Tampa, St. Petersburg beaches, and Central Florida.

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