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Tuesday, 03 December 2013 18:00

Energy Solutions for Historic Buildings


Maintaining a Historic Structure 

Owners of historic buildings know the vital importance of maintaining the integrity of a historic building and keeping its prized designation intact. A host of challenges – high energy bills and less than optimal air quality - are inherent in the structure and construction of an older building. Maintaining a historic home or building can be expensive in and of itself.  Making upgrades while maintaining the historic designation adds another level of complexity.


Energy Savings & Comfort   

SunBiz Energy Solutions Inc. wants to be your trusted partner. We will walk you through a range of options that can make the difference between maximizing your savings and comfort and continuing to suffer rising energy costs and less than optimal comfort and air quality. We specialize in integrating high-tech components into historic structures without disrupting their integrity.


An Investment Worth Protecting 

Owning a historic structure is an investment worth protecting.  SunBiz Energy Solutions is offering a free consultation so we can discuss your needs. 


A 30 minute meeting could save you 30% or more on your energy costs.  


Thank you for preserving a piece of our local history. To make your appointment, please call:

Henry Moseley at 813-837-4219        


About Henry Moseley

Henry Moseley, Founder of The Goldsborough Company and its sister company SunBiz Energy Solutions Inc. Henry has a diverse background in buildings with a special expertise in historical preservation and period-correct residential construction. Henry recently completed a four-year contract with the Florida Department of Transportation that included the rehabilitation of 13 historical Ybor City structures relocated and preserved in accordance with Department of Interior standards.

Henry is a State Certified Building and Solar Contractor with over 25 years of both residential and commercial construction experience. A Class 1 Florida Certified Energy Rater, he holds a Building Analyst and Envelope specialist designation from the Building Performance Institute and provides third-party energy audits and post work verifications. Henry serves on the Building Board of Adjustments, Appeals and Examiners for Tampa/Hillsborough County appointed by Tampa’s Mayor.

SunBiz Energy Solutions will look at a project from all angles considering both construction issues and energy needs with a more holistic approach to solving problems. 
Raised in Tampa, Henry understands and appreciates the historic significance of the buildings he works on.  His passion for energy efficiency and renewable energy make him uniquely qualified to tackle the energy challenges presented by older buildings.

The Goldsborough Company

Goldsborough Company specializes in Custom Homes, Commercial Construction, Additions, Renovations, Kitchens and Baths, Historic Preservation, Rainwater Harvesting, and Energy and Water Conservation.

Serving the Greater Tampa Bay region, including South Tampa, St. Petersburg beaches, and Central Florida.

Call us at (813) 837-4219 for a free estimate!

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