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Thursday, 20 February 2014 18:00

How to Make Your Historic Building More Efficient

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Ybor City Casita Rooster cigar factory workers homeDo you live in an old house?

Do you work in an old building? 

Has this ever happened to you?

Your sitting at your desk, sorting through bills when you see your electric bill, and get that pit in your stomach. You're proud of your charming piece of history, but you wish you had the comforts of modern technology. 

Or, maybe you've woken up at 2:00 a.m. to fetch some water from your 1912 bungalow kitchen, and as you walk across the creaking floor, you feel a draft up the back of your leg that makes you wonder just how secure your building really is. 

You know there are ways to improve the comfort and security of your building, but you worry about complying with historic preservation laws. 


Goldsborough Company can help you. 

Not only can we reduce your electric bills, but we can improve the overal structure and durability of your building. 


A thirty-minute meeting could save you 30% or more on energy costs.


Energy Retrofits for Historic Buildings 

Goldsborough Company is experienced in historic preservation, including efficiency retrofits. 


Old Buildings Are Different 

In the 1900's homes and buildings were not built to be air-tight.  Back then, the floors were not sealed, leaving room for rodents to crawl inside.


Unsealed Envelope

Because the walls in your historic structure are not properly sealed, not only do you risk damage from pests, but you also have issues with condensation and mold. The unrestricted air flow from the outdoors into your home builds up excessive moisture that can lead to mold.  

Figure 08 Convective loop

Basic Building Science 

Here are a few of the factors that contribute to moisture and mold problems in your older home.

  • Hot air rises.
  • Cold air sinks.
  • Moisture is drawn toward cold air.

At night when your air conditioner is running, it causes hot air to rise, and cold air to fall. As cold air falls, moist outdoor air is pulled inside of your wall cavity, creating a continuous flow of moisture inside your wall cavities. 


Peeling Paint?   

You may find the paint on the walls of your historic building is peeling or cracking. Moisture is the problem. As moisture condenses on drywall inside it wicks through and moves into the outside wall. The moisture is trapped in the open space between your exterior and interior wall. The moisture collects and gets behind the backside of paint and pushes the paint off the wall. Do you find it difficult to keep the walls on your historic home painted? We can help you.  



It is important to insulate in general, but it is especially helpful for older structures. Insulation allows you to close the gaps in the floor, which will prevent circulation and reduce moisture.   


Historic Preservation & Efficiency Codes 

The rules for historic buildings are complex. You must talk with an expert and understand exactly what the rules are for your building so that you know what improvements you can make.  


Goldsborough Company has experience renovating over a dozen historic Ybor City homes that were relocated during the I-4 Cooridor widening.  Our Principal, Henry Moseley, is a statewide expert for his ability to tackel complex renovation and efficiency challenges associated with historic buildings.  


Thank you for preserving your piece of local history. Give us a call and tell us more about your property so that we can help you preserve it for future generations.


To learn more, please call Henry Moseley at 813-837-4219. 



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