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Building Process

While your unit will be custom designed to suit your needs, the overall building process is fairly similar.  Once permitted, these buildings can be finished in about six weeks.  

Our backyard buildings qualify as "Accessory Dwelling Units" which have unique zoning regulations. Accessory Dwelling Unit is the technical term for a dwelling located on a property which already has a primary living structure (with the primary living structure being your home.)


Step 1:  Building Permit 

Accessory Dwelling Units must be in compliance with zoning laws, and a licensed contractor will be needed to obtain a building permit.  


Step 2:  Understanding Your Needs

We want to tailor your backyard building to meet your needs. The first thing we willl do is meet with you in person to get to know you and understand what you want to use the building for. We will listen to your concerns and suggest design attributes to create the best living space for your desired purposes. We will also do an inspection to identify unique site conditions on your property.


Step 3:  Site Preparation

Our team will prepare the site where the backyard building will be located. This includes foundation work, clearing debris, and building access paths to and from the unit.


Step 4:  Assembly/Construction

Your backyard building is designed to take a minimum amount of time for assembly and construction. Once materials and building components arrive on site, our team will efficiently construct the Home Care Suite within a few short weeks.


Step 5:  Customization

You have the option to request unique design features. Your unit will be built to compliment your home, so that it fits in nicely in your back yard. Based on your needs, additional customization measures will be taken.   Wondering if it will fit on your property? Click here to find out.  

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